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    Hi Nick I,

    I’m sorry you are having such a hard time getting your child to drink.
    I’m concerned if it has been a few days with no wet diapers he might be getting dehydrated. My son has other health problems and has had to be given an I.V. due to becoming dehydrated. I don’t want to alarm you, but want you to be aware. Your child’s doctor should be telling you what to watch for.
    I was wondering if it might help at all to make a big deal about drinking something yummy in front of your son. I was thinking of something like chocolate milk or a milkshake; my son even likes decaf coffee! I know you have probably already tried this, but I thought just in case you hadn’t it couldn’t hurt. Good Luck!

    Mom of a newly diagnosed son with PDD-NOS, and an Arbonne International Executive District Manager and Independent Consultant



    HI I hope you are well Carol, I really would like some expert adivce on this please, I am trying to get things together, but finding it very hard.

    Thanks Elain



    Hi illy,

    yes i do remember you and I think i know what school we are talking about.
    Hope you get this before your meeting tomorrow.

    A couple of things –

    when they ‘exclude’ your son are they doing it officially – paperwork etc or are they just telling you to keep him at home?
    It is important that they do it officially so that you have evidence that they cannot manage him in school.

    When you meet with them tomorrow can you STRONGLY suggest that as they are struggling to manage him they ask for input from the Autism Spectrum Team – they can be accessed via the head teacher, SENCo or school link educational psychologist.

    The Team go into schools and give advice and support to schools struggling to manage children on their role with ASD. I think the school would find it difficult to refuse especially as they are having to exclude him as they cannot manage his behaviour.

    When you ask them it is important to get it minuted so that you have evidence that you have asked.

    Don’t know if that’s helpful.
    Let me know how it goes.



    Hi Jayne, thank you for the reply and the help. We were also given a letter outlining why he was excluded – Causing injury to another pupil at lunchtime. Refused to follow adult instructions following incident.

    I will ceratinly say about the Autistic Spectrum Team i have been meaning to, but couldnt think who they were called.

    I will certainly let you know how it goes,
    Thank you again




    HI,can I ask how I contact the Autism Spectrum Team?

    I have googled it, but it doesnt give me much info

    Thanks illy



    Hi Illy,

    Neither Carol or I have managed to pick up mails for the last couple of days but I believe you spoke to Carol yesterday. She couldn’t locate your number to see how your meeting went but if you give her a call she’ll call you back.




    unfortunately currently parents are unable to refer to the Autism spectrum Team directly.

    A referral has to be made through the school. This can be done by the SENCo or the school link Educational Psychologist.

    However i do have a contact number for them. If you ring me on 07909 631353 i can let you have it.




    Hi Jayne thanks for the help. The meeting was today, and I think we covered all we needed to. We explained about the Autistic spectrum team, and what they can do, so hopefully they will sort this.
    We asked the head if she knew what our sons conditions were, she said a little, so left her loads of info about them, and ways of helping him.
    He is on head teachers report, and this consists of breaking the day up , and for each section putting in a Smiley Face/Hmm Not Sure face/ Sad face. He is to try and listen to adults, and if he does he gets a smiley face. This will be for 5 days.
    They asked if it was possible for me to collect at lunchtimes, allthough I dont work, there a 2 days a week it would be impossible,
    She also asked that if he was in a situation that was dangerous to himself/teacher/other pupils, would it be ok for them to contact me to come in. I dont think this means taking him home, so not sure on this one.
    We asked bout calling an Interim meeting, to discuss all his needs, and to go through his statment etc.
    We said about not having a copy of IEP.
    think that was about it, oh and the letter of complaint, about the way it was dealt with to start with.

    The teacher spoke to me tonight after school to apologise, and will also send a letter of apoplogy to me too.

    So hopefully with all the info they have now, and calling a meeting we might get somewhere!

    Thanks for the help



    Thanks for all the responses.
    My boy does not respond to “making a big deal” of anything. He is also on a gluten free and casein free diet which limits our options.
    Thanks again





    Just thought I’d drop in to say that the Research Autism website gives ratings for TEACCH and ABA. ABA gets three ticks (their highest rating) TEACCH only gets one tick, because of the lack of evidence to support its use.



    Research Autism gives it one tick on their website . This means there is only a weak evidence base to support TEACCH. Be warned, the evidence that does exist is based on TEACCH delivered in the optimal way, by skilled practitioners and in the best setting. This is not what you get in the average Local Authority school!!!

    Research Autism comments about TEACCH “we have concerns about the objectivity of some of the research conducted to date. And we also have concerns that the outcomes may depend to a large extent on the skills and experience of individual staff involved in TEACCH.”

    ABA gets 3 ticks, because there is now a good evidence base to support its use.



    Melatonin may help your child to get off to sleep – available on prescription.



    Hi Dexy.

    The Answer is in the forum rules.
    Turn off your email address to be seen by others in your members profile.
    Regards Keith

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