Author Topic: How Occupational Therapy can help children with ASD PDD Diagnosis  (Read 4307 times)


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Hi there,

I am looking for any parents who could possible help in completing the questionnaire below. I have a 15 year old son with an ASD disgnosis and am currently studying for an access course in social sciences, to enable me to study at university for an occupational therapist degree, specialising in children with a ASD or PDD diagnosis. My dissertation is about the benefits of occupational therapy and how widely available it is used. If you could take the time to fill this in i would really appreciate this....Kind Regards Michelle     

‘Occupational Therapy - Assessment of Services and Experiences of Parents with Children with ASD – PDD Diagnosis Questionnaire’
(Please highlight the correct answer by changing the font colour)

Thank you once again for completing this.

SECTION ONE         

Has your child been Diagnosed with ASD or PDD?   Yes   No   

AGE OF CHILD   0-5   6-10   11-16

GENDER   Male   Female   

SECTION TWO         

Has your child been referred to an Occupational Therapist?   Yes   No   

Was Occupational Therapy explained to you?   Yes   No   Not Applicable

Did you understand the explanation?   Yes   No   Not Applicable


How long did the assessment last?   0-30 minutes   31-60 minutes   1 hour and above

Do you feel that the occupational therapist listened to the wishes of yourself and your child?   Yes   No   Not Applicable

Was you made to feel central to the discussions for your child?   Yes   No   Not Applicable

Were the options for equipment or adaptations discussed with you?   Yes   No   Not Applicable

Were you informed about what happens next?   Yes   No   Not Applicable

Do you feel that the recommendations from the assessment were relevant to your Childs needs?   Yes   No   Not Applicable

SECTION FOUR            

How would you rate the service provided?   Excellent   Good   Fair   Poor

Do you feel that occupational therapy has improved your Childs life?   Yes   No   Not Applicable

Do you feel that there should be more access to occupational services for children with ASD and PDD diagnosis?   Yes   No   No Comment

Do you feel that occupational therapy workshops would benefit parents in creating more understanding of techniques available?   Yes   No

If you wish to make any comments on the above questionnaire please list below.