Month: June 2011

News_Study: Autism leaves molecular marks on brains

Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins – Digital Journal – In the Media: UCLA scientists announced the first study to reveal how autism makes signature marks at the molecular level of the brain, developing autistic patterns of gene protein encoding that differ significantly from gene expression within healthy brains. Autism has confounded researchers for decades, ScienceDaily reports, because […]

News-Asperger’s Syndrome: High-Functioning Autism to Lose Its Name

Asperger’s Syndrome: High-Functioning Autism to Lose Its Name By KATIE MOISSE May 25, 2011 ABC NEWS web site Eileen Parker was 41 years old when she discovered her quirky, misunderstood behavior had a name: Asperger’s. The syndrome, which is marked by impaired social interaction and sensory overload, joins other neurological disorders on the autism spectrum. […]

Video-Autism Children Vacation Tips

Children with autism often have difficulty with the change of routine, noise and commotion of vacations. A toddler, child or teen with autism often craves routine. But parents of kids on the autism spectrum often want a change of routine and enjoy a spontaneous vacation. This video helps parents with autistic kids learn how to […]