Author: Autism Independent UK

Children with autism ‘have too many synapses in their brain’

A new study by researchers from the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, NY, finds that children and adolescents with autism have too many synapses in their brain, which can affect their brain function. Furthermore, the team believes it may be possible to reduce this excess synapse formation with a drug, paving the way […]

Study Finds That Brains With Autism Fail to Trim Synapses as They Develop

As a baby’s brain develops, there is an explosion of synapses, the connections that allow neurons to send and receive signals. But during childhood and adolescence, the brain needs to start pruning those synapses, limiting their number so different brain areas can develop specific functions and are not overloaded with stimuli. Now a new study […]

Video: With autism, altered white matter in brain

CARNEGIE MELLON U. (US) — The brain’s white matter may explain some of autism’s mysteries—from communication disorders to restricted interests. Click for video: “In autistic individuals, we can measure the quality of the white matter, and our computer model can predict how coordinated their brain activity will be. This gives us a precise account […]

Video-Parents Wary Of Possible Changes To Autism Guidelines

Parents Wary Of Possible Changes To Autism Guidelines CINCINNATI — The definition of autism may soon change, as new guidelines are being proposed for characterizing the disorder. Autism has been defined for 17 years as a complex disorder of brain development that affected social interaction, communication skills and repetitive behaviors. Under theCINCINNATI — The definition […]