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    Hi Illy,

    Carol’s been unwell for a while and is unlikely to be in the office before christmas. If you need to speak to her then please could you give her home or personal mobile a quick ‘buzz’ and she’ll get back to you. Thanks. Dave.



    Thank you for geting back to me, I have phoned the office Autism UK, and left a message.

    Thansk Elain



    Hi Jayne, its me again, My son has been excluded again, this time for 5 days, he can return next Tuesday, after a meeting at 9.30am with the school.
    I am not sure if the school have contacted the team you mentioned, so not sure where that is going. Not even sure if they read the info I gave them now, as they have excluded him again.

    He has been excluded for swearing, and something else, similar in nature. I am just not sure what to do now about it all.

    Thanks for your help




    You seem to be having it tough at the moment!!

    just a few things to think about when you meet with the school:

    do you know what the school want to discuss with you at this meeting next week? If not you should probably find out so that you can go in there prepared – insist on an agenda beforehand that way you will feel more in control to the meeting.

    Does anyone take minutes of these meetings – if not ask for the school to make sure someone is in there to do so – you need to have a written record of what has been agreed

    Do you have anyone from SN-IP involved with you as a family – if so see if you can get them to go along with you they can be helpful to make your feelings heard.

    Is the Educational Welfare Officer involved due to the exclusions

    You might really need to push the Autistic Spectrum Team (AST)going in – if they have excluded him again then they surely cannot say that they can manage him.

    Does he have any 1:1 support and if so do they have ASD training – if not are the achool willing to give them that training or at least get advice and support from the AST.

    Have the school introduced any ASD specific interventions – if not the AST can help with this.

    Are the school looking at why he is feeling the need to behave in this way – increased anxiety, distress, inability to understand the expectation others have of him, organising himself during unstructured time (playtime).

    Also, if his behaviour has deteriorated recently, have they considered how he is coping with the changes in the school due to the Christmas preparations – many children with ASD really struggle to make sense of things at this time of the Year.

    Sorry I know it sounds a lot of questions but they are just things to think about.

    It seems as though you are going to have to be really forceful and determined to make the school take ownership of the behaviour management problems THEY are having and the fact that THEY need to find advice / support in how to work on them.




    meant to say don’t want to step on Carol’s toes and I know she’s much better placed to give you advice and support on the school issue but i undetstand she is not too well.

    If you want someone to have a chat with until Carol feels better fell free to give me a ring alternatively my colleague will be at FACT in December if you want a general chat about things.










    Hi Fiona,

    Sorry to hear about the difficulties you’re having. We’re Kettering based parents(as is Autism Independent UK) and may have some ideas for you.
    Carol will be in the office on Friday morning and can be contacted on 01536 523274. Alternatively leave a message and we will get back to you.




    Thank you Jollymom for the advice, will let you know how things go

    Hugs illy



    Hi illy,
    we have spoken often about your chap on this site and at the support group.
    I think you met recently with one of my colleagues. As we have said before we work with families using TEACCH in the home and community environment.

    As you know, if you would like direct support from us you can be referred through the Disabled Children’s Team. We can meet with you and offer specific support and guidance about how to impliment TEACCH in your home.




    Thank you again for all your support and adivce.

    Just wondering who the Disabled Childrens Team is??? how do i get thiis sorted. as getting direct support from yourselves would be what I need.

    Thanks illy

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