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    Hello All My Name is Heather, I work in the united states at an adult behavioral Management program. We serve the whole autism spectrum, and I was wondering if any of you have had this problem. I have a client who believe me is so capable of anything, he is so smart but extremely sexual towards me and I have stated to him many times I am his teacher and that his behavior is inappropriate. He tends to tell me how sexy he thinks I am, and touches me on the butt and rubs my hands really inappropriately. We've tried everything with this individual to redirect him, I went as far as having my boyfriend stand in as my husband. No matter how much talking and redirecting we have done he will not let it go, I've tried everything ignoring it, addressing it and even holding several classes about sexual harassment. I'm at a loss on how to handle it. Any suggestions?

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    Just like if you behaved towards a pupil in that way, you would be seperated. It is the same for a pupil. No matter what is in his head, he has to respect you and if he can't then other arrangement may be arranged.Manage it possibly by indicating he must sit down if he comes too close. Or if he is chatting you up, that he must leave room. As you said he is capable and must understand his own bad manners will end in a negative.Good Luck x x

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    🙂 Thank you I will try that. @ Moderator I did read it last night actually and it helped a little. Thank you

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    Well I think this guy's feeling is just an infatuation. I think as time goes by his feelings towards you will vanish as long as you stay away any gestures or acts that would make him think that you feel the same way too. Or makes him think that your interested in him too.

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    Since Asperger's syndrome is a developmental delay, adults may experience sexual behavior similar to teens. They may be delayed in their social skills, which would manifest in their sexual relationships. These adults need to be made aware through observation or research which sexual behavior is age appropriate. Obsessive behavior is a symptom of Asperger's and may carry over to sexual relations. Also, some medications used to treat symptoms of the syndrome may also impact sexual desire.

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    A little bit more info…I would really love a reply....Can one of you better explain HDP v LDP? After reading more on the forum it is clear that while I feel more sexual than my husband, he might actually DESIRE me more than I DESIRE him. I am feeling like I really WANT to WANT him, but don't. I feel like I got good at faking it, hoping that because he embodied so many other important qualities to me it would work. Also, is 'lust'/ chemistry ALWAYS a symptom of other-validated intimacy?Help

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    A number of adults with autism have problems understanding and satisfying their sexual needs. They may have trouble figuring out appropriate sexual expression, and connecting with another person in a relationship can be difficult. However, since autism is a spectrum disorder with various levels of impairment ranging from mild to severe, the potential sexual expression problems vary greatly.A high functioning person with an autism spectrum disorder may be able to sustain a romantic relationship with a healthy sex life with no issues. Yet, a person with moderate to severe autism may not be able to interact with another person sexually, or sustain a romantic relationship. Another person with autism might engage in sexual behavior as a sensory response without understanding its social context. Additionally, a person with autism may show little interest in sexuality.Romantic Relationships and Adults with AutismMany people with autism spectrum disorders lead healthy sex lives and sustain romantic relationships. Many get married and have children. Intervention is may be necessary for a couple dealing with autism to overcome communication and social skill problems that could potentially undermine a relationship. Couples may also want to participate in support groups for couples dealing with relationship issues. With the right treatment and an understanding partner, a person with autism can find romantic happiness and fulfillment.

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