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    Note: SFTAH transferred this from old data base when site was updated, thus date and name lost, all dates 2006 & 2007 changed during changeover to odd dates.Initially our son didn't appear to hear and then we noticed he wasn't progressing and seems to have gone back to being one again. He rocks, he flaps (when excited) and he tip toes a lot(?). He licks things, he shrills and shouts nonsense and often seems vague. He shows affection, on his terms. He twists his fingers (crosses them all at once!?) and runs around an awful lot. He loves television and books/catalogues. He has some eye contact but he has some days when he seems more with us and other days he's not ... is this normal? This site was recommended by my GP who has referred my son to a specialist, audiology and to a speech therapist. We saw the therapist today she didn't assess my sons speech as Ben, now 28 months, is not communicating anymore. He mostly only says or remember the word 'No'but not always in the right context. Is this usual? Instead she talked to us for 2 hours with questions. The process is so frustrating as she wouldn't say either way what she thoought. The Dr says it may be nothing and he may just be a late developer, a bit slow or can't hear but my heart tells me differently and I just want to get on with things asap. Sorry to have waffled on. I suppose I'd just llike to know if this sounds familiar as on the good days I think it's all an over reaction! Thanks for reading/listening. Karen

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    Karen, your post is very difficult to respond to because trying to describe a child and have someone interpret behaviours is nigh on impossible. My oldest son is ‘normal’ whilst my other son is autistic – both can do the same things yet the manner, intensity and regularity with which one son does it makes him on the autistic spectrum and my other son just a regular kid. Does that make sense?. Having said that I think the diagnostic process is slow and almost designed to frustrate as doctors delay for fear of labelling yet that can mean parents loose valuable time to help thier child and find support. If I am brutally honest your observation that he has lost language is a big red flag to me. Your sons regression sounds almost exactly like my son’s. The Doctors may yet find a completely different explanation so you must see that process through. But I really would recommend that you start investgating autism so as to be fully prepared if that is the ultimate conclusion. The NAS is a good place to start – and investgate any ASD nurseries in your area – a FANTASTIC nursey in Epsom in Surrey helped me and my son beyond measure. There may be similar provision in your area. Can I just add that when my son regressed i noticed changes in his eating patterns and than I found that his restricted diet was actually making his symptoms worse. I changed his diet with the support of AiA and he improved massively( If it were me i would also start him on EFA’s which can help with speech issue ( or yahoo group “childrensapraxia” at I would dearly dearly love to say to you “don’t worry this probably isn’t anything” but there are some issues within the change in your son that you describe that are familiar. I wish you and your son well and if I can ever be of help….. regards Deborah

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    Hi John, my very strong advice is not to wait for the professionals. I waited a year for a diagnosis and when it came they essentially just said – “he is autistic, take him home and try to come to terms with it”. The fish oils are a really good idea as they are especially good for speech delay. Spend as much time as you can researching the various treatments and therapies that are out there and try to be assertive with those operating the systems of support as they are all so over stretched that sadly only those shouting loudest get help. I have used biomedical for me son and that has helped him but other choose different approaches like ABA and son-rise and others. Have a look at http://www.generationrescue re biomedical and do a google search for others ( gfcf diet, ABA, Son-rise, apraxia, TEECH). Your son may just need to catch up with his peers, may have a slight developmental delay or it could of course be autism. It is very very hard to recover from the shock that a diagnosis of autism brings but please believe me that your son remains your son and your love will remain untainted by whatever news you ultimately receive. I treat my son because it helps him to progress and mix with us more and he is 100% happier than he was before i started. But i am helping him not trying to change him. He s a beautiful boy and he is a bery happy loving presence in our lives. So I guess i am saying research and research and choose a path for your son to follow, mainstream school and NHS treatment or choose the alternative approaches that many parents are following, but try and reach a place where you continue to see him as your boy and not ( as I did for a while) a bundle of symptoms and behaviours. Good luck , and please mailme if you need anything ( – I hope you and your family have a peaceful christmas Regards Deborah

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