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    Note: SFTAH transferred this from old data base when site was updated, thus date and name lost, all dates 2006 & 2007 changed during changeover to odd dates.Hi, i havnt posted in quite a while, and find myself tearing my hair out. My 7 year old started Junior School in Spetember, and first couple of weeks, not too bad. But since then there have been many changes at the school. Since then his behaviour has not been good. Nearly every day his teacher/s come out to speak to me. He has had one afternoons exclusion. I have even had to go in to see the head on numerous occasions.He is diagnosed with DAMP and Atypical Autism, (your interpretation of this would be great!)Now a new dilema today, Head teacher called me in again. Can a child with such a diagnosis and of this age, would they understand what Racism is? We have spoken to our child, and he doesnt seem to understand what he has said. To us he wasnt saying it in a racist way. So can a child like this understand Racism?Thank you for reading this

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    Thanks for the info RE the diagnosis, makes more sense. As for the racist part, would he konw what he was saying by making this comment. We asked him last night and at no point did he connect what he said to the colour of the lady.


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