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    We would like to speak with people with autism or an autism spectrum condition, like Asperger’s syndrome, who have experienced a psychotic illness. This means people who have seen things that weren’t really there, heard voices in their head, or had strange beliefs about the world and had a doctor or psychiatrist tell them they had psychotic illness. It may be called bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, or something different.If you have experienced illness like this, we would like to speak to you. Things we would like to learn about you in the study include:• any mental health problems you have had or about severe emotional difficulties in your life. • information from someone in your family who can tell us about how you were when you were younger and about your family. • for you to have a blood test done so we could look for any genetic differences in your DNA• how much you know (your IQ). • how well you have coped with your life in the last month• some details about your personality and how you feel in different situationsEverything we learn about you will be kept private and confidential. If you might like to take part, please call or e-mail Felicity Larson. Her e-mail address is and her phone number is 01223 746153. She will set a time to meet with you and explain the research more. If you are unsure about taking part and have some questions, please call Felicity or e-mail her.

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