Autism and ‘skunk’ marijuana?

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    I'm making these enquiries on behalf of a female friend. I've known her a year and seen her 26-year-old son several times. He does not have a diagnosis but we think he may have some neurological atypicality which has been worsened by his use of strong 'Skunk' marijuana. My friend thinks he began to act differently after an MMR jab, which is I suppose blowing on embers of an old controversy. He is very rude – I've never seen an adult call his own mother the 'c' word _while_ extracting money from her that she doesn't realistically have. He is quick to aggression, verbally, but has tunnel vision about his wants, and will cycle these wants verbally. He had obtained much money from his mother's savings, and many friends have tried to dissuade  her from her enabling behaviour. The thing is there has been much police involvement – he was was arrested today for making threats. But nothing ever leads to professional assessment. How can an assessment be obtained? What sort of information is there about marijuana use and autism? This man seems very capable in some ways and I'm ont even sure he is autistic myself. There is something kind of closed about his facial expressions, but many people are thta way anyway in this age of aggressive ignorance and self-entitlement. It would be horrible for him to go on in loops of damaging behaviour if an assessment could bring about improvements, but my friend seems to see no way to bridge to an assessment. A GP has been obstructive for example. But even if he has autism or something like it, the trouble he causes many people in extreme aggression is something serious that can't be too much of a kid gloves thing. I had a neighbour who I would guess is a survivor of child abuse or at least a violent childhood, but he is such an awful person as a 22-year-old, violent or otherwise abusive to women, dogs and his friends, that it would be offensive, even, to be too gentle about the adult he has partially become. Without an assessment we don't know if my friend's son is having a license to be dreadful because of a merely suspected difference. This posting is intended to help both my friend and her son if there can be a way forward. I do wonder though if the drug use is going to be an obstacle, though it may be that the possibility of a diagnosis may help his current concern which is approaching homelessness – his behaviour has got him thrown out of other places. I have changed some details to protect identity. I am aware that this forum will be used by diagnosed people also and I hope I have not caused offence and I would hope that as prickly as things are my good intentions are clear. I would think there are autistic people who are glad that help has brought them away from dysfunctional situations.Thanks for any assistance.

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    Thanks. I've passed these on.The son is currently prevented from communicating with his mother now as she was in quite a state about what had been happening. We don't know where he slept last night, and a sectioning is being considered to force the much-needed assessment.We'd be grateful for any information about getting an assessment without force. An assessment when first pursued could have made for a different life; well, two different lives.

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