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    In Kenya and many other African countries, poverty, lack of access and the stigma of mental disease prevent many patients from getting the help they desperately need. Children with learning disabilities are often denied an education due to lack of staff and facilities in mainstream schools. I just want to provide an opportunity for these children to have an education and increase their chances of living a happy and full life. I would like to propose  a partnership with a school for autistic children in Africa. I am of Kenyan origin currently in the UK studying health and social care. I am and have been working with a private organization that provides support for young adults with autism and other learning disabilities for the past three years. My request is for well wishers who may partner  with me to help me realize this dream that would benefit many children who would otherwise have no hopel.This is an ambitious project  as such a school would be the first of its kind in Kenya.  My hope is that other people will also follow suite and do the same all over Africa as there is desperate need. Any help no matter how little will be greatly appreciated. Please partner with me in this opportunity to make a difference in a childs life. Feel free to contact me for further information. My email adress is angolelo@yahoo.frANGELA OLELO  

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