Can you please vote for our twin boys autistic school

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    Hi everyone…. Solas is looking for your help!! We have entered an application for €5000 to help us to pay for Speech and Language a Therapy and Occupational Therapy for the boys in Solas. But….. We need your votes!!! If you click on the link below it will bring you to our video and then you click vote. Not only do we need your vote but also the votes of all your friends and families!!! There is a lot of competition and this money would make such a difference to the children and their families. So please get liking, sharing, posting, tweeting and anything else you can think of to get us votes!!! Also… If anyone is in a position to email the link around a company or to share it with a celebrity/public figure then go for it…. Every vote counts!! Here's the link: YOU MUST CLICK ON VOTE THE BOX WILL TURN GREEN WHEN YOUR VOTE HAS BEEN ACCEPTED.  PLEASE SHARE ON FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. THANKYOU EVERYONE Thanks for your help ;D

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     The voting has really got going now and we desperately need more votes to keep in front.  If you haven't voted yet please watch the Solas autism unit on  the link below and click on the vote. The vote icon will turn green when your vote has been accepted after doing this can you please like us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks again

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    Can you please post here when you have voted as we are having discrepancies with the numbers on the voting site.  You must click the green vote icon to register a vote it will turn white when you have voted.  Please remember to like us on twitter and facebook to.  Thanks

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    So with 13 days left in this competition, things are heating up, its getting close with another entrant right behind us. I think the guys captured it best earlier today... Please encourage people you know to vote for us and ‪#‎makeadiffernce‬ for this great place.

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    Please please vote and like us on facebook so your friends can vote too.  There are only a few days left now and we need all your votes.  The donation will cover all our speech and occupational therapy for the year so it is very much needed.  When you click on the link below make sure you click on the vote icon until it turns green that means you have voted then like us on facebook and twitter.  Thankyou very muchPlease clink on the link below to vote:

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    We are getting caught up weed need votes urgently.  It is free to vote. Please vote for us.

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