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    Hi Guys    I am a mother of three kids who have disabilities, one who has "stop the world" autism. I was fortunate to be born into a family run by disability and mental health issues, then went on to work and study in the area.I see this now as a headstart.I have written a practical pragmatic book about the real issues, tips and strategies for skills development, understanding behaviour as a language and techniques to address challenging behaviours. It addresses the mechanisms of devaluation all around us in mainstream society and  invests in the primary carer so they can better invest in the person whose duty of care they hold.                                                                        http://www.xlibris.com.au/EXTREMEPARENTING.htmlI am not in the business of telling anyone how to live, this is just what I did to help my family have a  life which is more happy than not, and to guide my children to lives of dignity and choice.I wrote this book because I wanted other women who are isolated by the workload or dependencies or behaviour of the people they care for to have something tangible in their hands telling them they are not alone and here are some tips, techniques and strategies to help you help yourself.Kylie McClelland author Extreme ParentingIf you like this link please feel free to share it, and or contact me directly. Email details are in the link and I am also on facebook.

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