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    please help.im not sure where to post this on internet and came across this site so would appreciate any comments or advice.I think my 5 year old son may have mild aspergers but i do not know if i am reading something into nothing or whether i need to face reality and find out more about this.I will summarise his behaviour/ character traitsits hard to know if hes "different" as he was my first child so i dont know any different. but hand on heart i ahve always felt hes been a bit different, a bit quirky, but i thought that was just his unique way. however this last year at school issues have been raised by his teacher about  his traits and behaviour so i am now noticing mstuff that has probably been there all along but i never knew it was anything different.-HE is highly intelligent ( reading 2 years above his age at school)-He talked very early and straightaway spoke very fluently and clearly and long sentences. people always remakred on how well he talked when he was a 2 year old, but it was just the words, it was his depth of questioning, like a little old man people would say-He is very advanced for his age in subjects like maths and science yet his handwriting is very poor, and he doesnt have very good hand eye co ordination (took him ages to even use cutlery) struggles to hold a pen, or pedal a bike etcHe is very sensitive, but at totally off topic things ie sitting at dinner the other day he was having a whine and cry because i had said no to something really trivial then all of a sudden he started properly crying and screaming...and i asked what was wrong and he looked out of the window and he said he was sad it wasnt snowing because he wanted to build a snowman and call it bob (but its summer). - he doesnt like tags on clothes but goes through phases where sometimes he can tolerate them whereas other times (like last week) he was having proper meltdown crying sessions because he couldnt bear the tag touching him, even though i had cut some of them off.-He hates suprises. we turned up at his nans house where we go every week , but we didnt know an aunt and uncle would be there, and when he saw them he cried and ran out of the front door and wouldnt come back in for half hour genuinely scared because he said he didnt know they were going to be there. i had to walk him in the room shielding him so they would see him. yet half hour alter he had warmed to them fine.- he likes routine and has to know the plan of whats coming next..all the time..- doesnt stop asking questions about factual things, loves trains, planes techinical studd, space, very advanced in how things work-no interest in writing or anything creative at all-wont try anything new, the amount of times i ahve paid for him to do something , we queue up and at the last minute he pulls out saying hes scared. no amount of gentle persuasion will get him to change his mind and try something new..i cant do anything like swiming lessons or football lessons as he just wont do it.- school have raised issues that he sometimes lashes out at other children for no apparent reason or motive, but he doesnt seem to be wanting to hurt them, its like he just doesnt realise his actions may hurt, or acts before he thinks. yet at home ive never seen this, i do think he can empathise, just maybe doesnt think sometimes.-when playing with a playdate at a house or at school he gets extremely over excited ( for this one reason alone i was considering adhd) but only when with his peers, this is usually when his behaviour is spooted at school as he doesnt seem to be able to reign it in and stop doing anything that could affect others. at home i can ask him to calm down and time out, but if im not there he just gets more and more excited. -he used to have a major fear of hand dryers but he now covers his ears and copes okon the other hand:-he is a very bright happy boy, always smiling, polite, very easy going, eats really well ( and loves trying new food) sleeps well, is in a good routine and had a excellent school report, apart from the mentions of social interaction with his peers needs to be worked on. his teacher has told me on one hand he is gifted, as he is so advanced, but on the other hand she thinks there is something else going on but shes not sure what. she has put him on an iep to help structure his day and to give him social tasks ( like playing games, and taking turns as he hates losing) and discussing facial expressions to check he can read facial cues. i am sure he can read cues as i have been watching this at home but his teacher disagrees to an extent.thank you for reading this long essay but needed to get it off my cheat. who do i see about my concerns? the school havent really suggested any hekp, or is this normal for a typical 5 year old, ? thanks

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    I would suggest futher assessemtnsthis is  a PDD test it is not a diagnosis but it does give an idea if enough autistic traits for diagnosis are therehttp://autismandaspergersinthefamily.freeforums.org/pdd-rating-scale-t10.html

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