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    Hi I have been to the fact group in Kettering a few times and found it really nice to talk on a social level with others who are having similar esxperiences, I would let you know when it is but i have lost the list of times, does anyone else know
    ps: it’s at Kingsley School in Kettering in the evenings

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    its is on a Thursday once a month from 7.30 – 9.30. i do have a number of a committee member but not sure if im aloud to post the number on board.

    Hope this helps….

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    call me dumb lol but what is it??

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    FACT – Families of Asperger Children Together – is a parent support group for families of children with ASD and Aspergers Syndrome in Northamptonshire.

    The group meet once a month as Knigsley School,Churchill Way, Kettering.
    They can be contacted on: 07854 193346

    Many of the families our Team work with attend and have found it really helpful. They have a really good library.


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    Next meeting is on the 18th January at Kingsley School.

    Im going, hope to see some of you there too…


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    FACT (Families of Aspergers Children Together)is a parents support group in Kettering. We meet once a month at Kingsley School Churchill Way,in Kettering. We have social evenings/Speakers and a once a year event for all the family. we meet on a Thursday eve 7.30-9.30pm. we have our own website,with all our dates and events etc. http://www.factnorthants.org.uk We welcome all parents of children with ASD

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    I go to the group, and have been going for about 3 years i think now, The next meeting is this Thursday 22nd March

    Might see you there.

    Hugs illy

    There is always tomorrow!

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