football club for ALL!!!!

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    I feel I have to spread the word about this amazing football club that is open for children with some sort of ‘need’ of ALL abilities, there is room for everyone in this team and regardless of your childs needs and behavoir you will not feel like the usual outcast.
    The team is actually part of Northampton Town Football Club and open for all children from about 7/8 up (i think), my son is 9 and said ‘i like my new team the kids don’t take the mikey out of me’. They do training in Moulton College on fridays 6-7 and in the summer at the university, there are also a range of tournaments and we’ve even been on a day to the David Beckham Acacdemy, not bad for £2 a week!
    I am happy to give out the phone number I have if you leave a message or just look up the details on the club website

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