Has anyone else tried Minion Dominion?

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    Hello, my name's Manny Rayner. My older son Jonathan is autistic-spectrum (high functioning), and thanks to him I've met a lot of autistic people. Jonathan is 24, and has been diagnosed autistic since he was about 10.The main reason I'm posting here is an incident that I thought other people might find interesting. I've recently been involved in creating a speech-enabled Internet game for children called Minion Dominion - you can find it at http://www.miniondominion.com/ The game is very simple. There are two animated characters ("Minions"), which you can control either by typing or speaking. You tell them what to do, and they try to do it. They know about 400 words, and can do about 50 different things. Typical commands are things like "jump", "hit your friend", "do karate", "go to sleep", "can you fly?" etc. The animations are quite funny.Most people play the game for a few minutes and then get bored. But one of Jonathan's friends, also high-functioning autistic, just loves it! He can sit and play for an hour at a time. He's unable to type (his written language skills aren't sufficient), so he talks to the Minions. Apparently he really enjoys being able to command them by voice.We certainly weren't thinking about this when we designed the game, but now I see that it could very well be something that a high-functioning autistic person might like - it gives them a safe and predictable environment to practice their language skills. If anyone else has a similar experience, I'd love to know about it. Please feel free to email me at mannyrayner@yahoo.com.Thanks,Manny

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