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    Hi, im new here so hope you dont mind me asking straight away!I'm mother to an almost 4 year old boy. He has a diagnosis of autism.My question relates to having more children. My son is from a previous relationship. Me and my current partner want children together in the next few years. As its not known what actually causes autism we are more than prepared for the possibility that the children we have may have autism too as i do know that the likelihood of a sibling having it is slightly higher than if not.Im just wondering whether anyone has gone on to have a child with a different father and the child to be ASD?I know no one can tell me definates but just thought i would ask and hear peoples experience.I love my son dearly, but he is not easy and tbh the thought of having more children ASD does scare me a little.Thankyou

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    its an individual decision but Ive had several friends have kids at 41 and 42 without having any more issues than anyone else I know who had them in their 20s.

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    There is always a risk, you will never know how it's going to be. It's natural that you are scared coz you do not want to hurt yourself, your partner and your children but in my opinion you should try. I'm with you. W

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