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    Hello people,

    I thought I’d say hi to you all. I am currently in my third year (out of 4) in my Psychology degree at Aston Uni in Birmingham. I am doing a placement in Australia at the Early Intervention Research Centre based at Flinders Uni. I am training to become a therapist and will visit families in their homes to work one-to-one with the kids in sessions that last 3 hours each.

    The programme here is free to the families. The parents and other carers come to the Therapy House for 2weeks initially to learn how to do the therapy themselves, as 15 hours of one-to-one work is required for 20 weeks to complete the programme.

    I am really enjoying the experience so far. I will be here until May 2007.

    I have been looking at the forum and think it is a great idea. I have found the discussions informative and it is great to hear so many different voices.

    I promise that not all my posts will be as long as this!

    Thanks for reading,


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    Hi there good luck with your Training ,i have quite a few friends in Aussie land they tell me the help down there for families with autistic kids is not good ,then again tell me some where it is good !!

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    Hi Siobhan,

    what a lovely place to spend the Winter.

    We also work with families in their home. I am intersted in what you are doing. What type of therpy do you offer to parents?


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    Sorry for the delayed reply! [:I]

    Here is the address for the site of the Programme I am working on. http://www.ssn.flinders.edu.au/psyc/research/autism/about.php

    I think it covers everything you might want to know about what goes on in it. There is little in the way of support for families in Australia, too. The Early Intervention Project at Flinders seems to be one of a kind and the results are fantastic.

    Personally, I go into the homes of the children and spend about 3hours a session with them, one-to-one to supplement the 15hours a week the families do to complete the programme. The therapy I do there is the same as we do in the house at Flinders (there is info on the site, but it is mass trial, fine/gross motor, imitation etc).

    I hope that helps! [:)]

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