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    Hi im a mum of a 7 year old austic child. For the past 4 years every time my son get excited about something he will rub his privates! As he is getting older its becoming more of a problem not just for me but for him and the general public. He does i where ever we are. I was woundering if any one elses child does this or has done and you have managed to control this. I really hope there is as i dont no what else i can posibly do as he doesnt understand that its wrong. We have found him on numerous occsion humping the floor to. Family members say he will grow out of it but if he does pubity will be starting at 12+ so he would prob start it again then. Ive looked for websites for help and theres nothing to advise me. I worried more than anythink about when hes older doing it out in public as people wont no hes autistic and he may get into trouble for somethink he doesnt eve no is wrong. Please give me some help and advice  ???

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    Oh! I can understand it must be very embarrassing for you, But don't worry you can manage all this things. I can help you with some very useful links , Hope it works for you. can also take the help of NICE:

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    A person who is autistic will have difficulties expressing his or her sexuality in an appropriate manner. Matters of disease prevention, sexual abuse, birth control, and behavior management are difficult to explain to a young person, or an adult, who struggles with understanding concepts. As with the other things that you had to be take control of, if the autism is severe enough to limit his judgment, you must take control of his sexuality as well. If it is any consolation, it will be harder…

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    I can understand your feelings now, maybe your judgment is not necessarily correct, but I believe the parents of the child's growth patient guidance would be very helpful. You have to watch him more nuanced, and in a timely manner to give him guidance that might be better. I hope you successfully guide him!

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