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    I am a theatre director who is working with a writer on a piece about a teenage boy with autism. My aim for the project is to use theatre to get the audience to see/feel how the world looks/feels to people with autism. To share the experience.

    Can you please reccommend about resources/ blogs etc which capture this world? Particularly anything that is not a scientific paper but a personal viewpoint.

    I am particularly interested in autism and not Aspergers as we want the piece to feel universal and as unlike Rain Man as we can. We are not trying to look at the causes of autism but about trying to communicate tolerance and understanding about how the world looks and affects people with autism.

    The project is under commission for a schools tour so any pointers you can give me will really be useful in contributing to a project which is really going to happen and aims to have a big impact.

    Many thanks

    Kate Hall

    Kate Hall

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