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    Hi everyone!I am a teacher of a key stage 3 class in a purely autistic school (also challenging behaviour / PDA / OCD) and have a student in my class with a number of vehicle related obsessions, the majority of which we can manage at school.One behavior that is particularly difficult is that if he goes in his parent's car he insists on them driving continuously around for 3+ hours without stopping often dictacting the route. He displays very challenging behaviour if the parent doesn't let him go in the car or doesn't drive for this long. As you can imagine this is having a real effect on ther parent and family life.I know it is difficult to offer advice without knowing the student but am really desperate for ideas so I can help.Many thanks for reading.

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    We had a similar problem and found that the missing key was for how long and when it was finished, so we introduced some activities during the drive. We would drive for 15 mins. and stop a side lane layby and have a drink of orange,we stand outside the car for about 5 mins. then drive again for 15 mins to a wooded park land, he then would have another drink (small bottle of coke) and a sausage roll, I get out the car and take our dog for a walk in the woods about 10-15 mins. returning to the car and saying we are going home now.The journey at first was always the same route, now can be changed as long as the two stops are made and one must be one of the original stops.We have now added extra points on rare occasions to call at a shop or pick u[p some chips etc.What we tried to do was  add some structure to the journey with some predictable stops things that happen during the journey, a clear finish with the last stop followed by going home.These journeys still can happen late at night or even 2-3 4 in the morning

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    HiMany thanks everyone for these ideas, I am going to pass the comments onto mum and also try and do some social story work with him.Unfortunately he hasn't the capacity to tell you why he wants to do this, its probably OCD related. Before he gets in the car you have to shut and open doors in a certain way and he puts his face near the exhaust and will not get in the car until the car is started and he can see exhaust fumes coming out of the car. If he ever sees anyone get in the car he will sit by the exhaust and will not move until the car is started. He is a pretty big chap and you are looking at 5+ people to work through his behaviour that would result if this wasn't followed.Thanks again.

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    it sounds like he is dictating the situation. I;d recommend withdrawing the car ( you'll probably get a behavioural extinction burst) before introducing PECS and a positive reinforcers. That way you'll be controlling his behaviour and he will get the car drive as a reward on your terms and not his.Catherine RNLD

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