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    Note: SFTAH transferred this from old data base when site was updated, thus date and name lost, all dates 2006 & 2007 changed during changeover to odd dates.Hiya, just a newbie! [:D]My son was (lucky for me ) diagnosed at 3 and a half. He's 6 and a half now. From no age I knew that Nicholas was somehow different. I was a first-time mum, and was worried about the dreaded paranoia that being a first-time mother brings. My worries weren't unfounded. He first spoke at 6 months - one line only - and after that, nothing but babble. After his MMR he ran a high temperature and was hospitalised for a night. The doctors did nothing. He would have days where he would do nothing but scream. When he was little he weaned onto solids quite well, but then became very stringent about what he ate - bottles of milk and jam sandwiches ONLY! He used nappies until the age of 4 and to this day still has problems with toileting. A specialist said that he has mega-bowel as he passes such large stools. He has recently got onto a better diet by way of a fruit bowl being left out for him to pick at but his bowle problems have got steadily worse. He barely ate before, now he overeats. He has obsessions with Harry Potter, Spider-man, X-Files, The Incredibles, etc. and doesn't know how to be himself. We barely leave the house because he gets anxious and frustrated and the stares we get form people makes me want to take hima and hide away. I don't care as much anymore - it's their problem but, as you all know, there are just some days in which you can't ignore people's reactions to your child. That's all I can think of right now. Hello to all who are in the same boat.

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    Hi i’m new to the site and pretty much in the same boat as you believe my son’s autism was caused by 1st hib and dpt jab and his 1st mmr jab.He stopped breathing and lost his speech and changed just like that he also has prob’s with his bowl’s to.He had an xray and was completly constipated from his groin up to under neath his lung’s which was qutie bad the doc’s said.They put him on to lot’s of med’s to sort it out stoped at the mo waiting for some bigger nappie’s as we don’t won’t no leak’s it’s no fun far from it hope your getting on ok keep in touch thank god for these site’s!!!!![:)]

    l blick

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