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    Hello, My name is Fred, although I go by “Innocent Bystander” in cyberspace.
    My son and daughter both have mild autism. Both have been diagnosed and statemented as having Aspergers Syndrome. In fact, the whole family have traits which seem autistically linked. And members of both my family and my wife’s family share some of these traits.
    My son has been helped by the Autistic Unit at his school, and he has friends from this unit.

    Sharing is good. It helps to know what other people are dealing with and it helps to know that other people are having similar problems to yours. So I’m happy to share.

    Hello everyone!

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    Hello, today was a big day. My son was diagnosed with autism. We knew he had it but I think it just hit me properly for the first time. All of my family are in bed now and I am just feeling strange about the whole thing. A day which we have pushed for for a year now but at the same time a day which I have put off since I realised my beautiful boy was different. I adore him, he is still the same person but it has left me feeling very wobbly. Maybe I will feel better tomorrow ?


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    Wock Welcome, everyone is here to help. Feel free to start a new topic in the general discussions forum, where we can answer any questions you may have.

    Note to All Users: When introducing yourselves please create a new topic in this forum. Please do not reply to this topic.


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