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    Hi, I’m Carol and I work here in the office at Autism Independent UK as Parent Support/Office Admin. I am a mum of four, two boys and two girls. Both boys have asd. My eldest son is 14 and has high functioning autism/aspergers syndrome and my youger son is 12 and has ‘classic’ autism, non-verbal, severe learning difficulties, etc. I was involved in the MMR lawsuit, prior to legal aid being ‘pulled’ as both boys were ‘hospitalised’ after the jab. I will try to offer any support I can here on the website but can also be contacted by phone at the office on 01536 523274 Tue, Wed and Fri 09:30 – 11:30.

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    Hi Carol and thanks my daughter has severe autism severe learning dificulties etc thanks for the offer of advice
    Deb x Umm what do you advise on ?

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    Hi Deb, I help and support parents with regard to obtaining an accurate diagnosis, adequate support and education, access to DLA, Blue Badge etc.. Whilst I would never claim to having all the answers, I can hopefully point parents in the direction of people who can help. If you require any further information with regard to my work or that of the charity please don’t hessitate to contact me.

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