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    Note: SFTAH transferred this from old data base when site was updated, thus date and name lost, all dates 2006 & 2007 changed during changeover to odd dates.My son has just turned 8 years old and has always been a bit different shall we say.He has never done the normal things a normal boy would do such as football, ride a bike, catch a ball etc.  which I have always never really worried about. Our son is not naughty (definately not ADH) but sometimes find it hard to put the appropriate social skills into place.He has alway had a problem interacting with his friends.  Recently one of his friend who I think was keeping him afloat left and has gone to another school.  He is now finding it really hard to interact with any of his remaining friends.  He's says they don't want to play with him but when you question him about it it's because he only wants to play his games with his specific rules.  I have tried to explain that maybe they don't want to play his games and he should try and join in their games or play with other boys but he just can't grasp this at all.I've tried to explain it in that all his friends are playing Monopoly and he's been invited to join them but he will only play if they play Cludo instead.  I have tried explaining in different way but he just cannot see the problem.  I have witnessed in the playground and he is very full on in the playground sometime almost strangling his friend who then turn their back on him.  I have explained that if he just plays calmly with them rather than jumping on them or roaring at them it would be more appropriate he really has no idea what I am talking about and will go off and do exactly the same thing again.  If I think about it this has been going on since reception (he is now year 3) but did seem to get better in year 1/2.My mum (his nan) has also commented about his behaviour at times.  If he has got any kind of autism then it is very mild.  But what I would like to know if what does everyone think????  what should I do next????   If you want to ask me anymore questions about his behaviour feel free as it is quite hard to write down everything.RegardsD

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    It does sound very simular to my son he has Asperger symdrome but was only diagnosed finally at 7, when the Head teacher observed him in the play ground when he lost it with a dinner lady and threated to punch her!!. But weve always thought his had some autisic tendancies. With finally support of a teacher, went back to the Doctors, was very lucky a locum was on who took one look at him and after trying to talk to him agreed that we may be right and started the ball rolling.

    Good luck, keep trying we all know our children, because my son was our first child I thought a lot of things were normal, wasnt until our daughter came along that I could notice the differences.


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    Anonymous in the questionaire,it  is not a diagnosis just a window to see if more assessments need doing.

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