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    I am keen to hear members views/experiences/thoughts on the use of Cannabis to treat systems of ASD. There has been some recent press coverage recently (see link below) on the use of medical cannabis to reduce anxiety and extreme behaviour.http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/features/the-ultimate-herbal-remedy-can-cannabis-improve-autism-1814756.htmlRegardsNick

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    If i remember correctly that was mostly US based discussion. I was hoping to get some response from UK members with specific experience and views relating to the subject in England.ThanksNick

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    well seen has though it is illegal over here  and most of the cannibis/auism connection is from the USA there have been very little discussion on it in the ukin the first place they will have to reclassify it which in itself will be a problem ,thats before it gets to parliment.I am all for the use of cannibis for myself not my kids

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    Are you saying that nobody in the UK has been tempted to use it as a means to alleviate anxiety in preference to the pyschotic range of drugs that are available?Mmmmm

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    great topic Nick. here's my take..my son is on many drugs for seizures/IBS/ agression.anxiety etc. so i couldn't/wouldn't take therisk of adding in the cannabis. but for any kid/adult not on regular meds it would be great if we were'allowed' to give it a try, under strict supervision if necessary. fat chance of this in this country though with our 'we say so' Government. i think there is plenty of research into the positives of cannabis for pain killing,anxiety and stress reduction that far outweigh the negatives which are often ancient fear based knee jerk reactions to appeal to the voting masses! To legalise it would be good and then we can clear up the 'street muck' that has all the added nasties which cause the psychotic reactions the anti lobbyists jump on.

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    Cannabis Has Different effects on different people depending on things such as age and health conditions. many of the younger people smoke it just to have a good time where as most of the older people who smoke it do it due to stress I my self don't think there is anything wrong with the drug as it is proven more healthy then Fags and alcohol so I think they should easy up on the Law of the drug 

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