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    hello parents,Firstly let me introduce myself,My name is Leo & i have a son called Tim My son was suffering from Aspergers SyndromeHe  had a great difficulty of reading body language and determining proper body space and also reduced sensitivity to pain and an increased sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises. I totally lost hope that my son could ever be cured.But i kept searching & searching ,and after 2 month of searching i finally found a treatment that gave me a silver lining of hope in my obscured heartI didn't know whether the treatment could cure my son  or not But i had to do Something .This treatment is called Autism Symptoms & Treatment. It is a "collection of an eBook and interview recording with an autism treatment specialist. All of which interpret and condense the latest research studies, drugs, therapies, treatments, supplements, diet, and characteristics, plus much more - and provide parents an accurate and reliable resource that can help them deal with the autism disorder."Well that is what it said but i only cared whether my son could be cured with it or not So i strictly followed its rules & after 2 month my son began saying "Thanks","Love you dad" & much moreI was so happy that i could fly lol!!!And guess what it can also cure children with Classic Autism,Childhood Disintegrative Disorder,Rett Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental DisorderI also wrote a testimonial in Autism Symptoms & Treatment siteHere is a pic of my son & my wife Jessica Jessica-Jones.jpg i would recommend you to just have a look  on it  Please for the sake of your kids. I can understand what you feel & how much you want your kids to be normal.Have a Nice Day Guys!

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    Hi there,How do i go about finding it?  it would be great to look at.isabell

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