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    Hi, I'm new to this forum, I don't know if I'm putting this message in the right place or not but have came across it during my hours of googling “autism”. My son is 2.5 and is shows massive signs of autism that seem to be getting worse the older he gets, although I have had a gut feeling something wasn't quite right from him being around 18 months I didn't want my gut to be right. It hurts so much to think he may never talk (he only tells me what he wants but has limited understanding) and will probably never be independent. Im really scared to think what the future holds and I'm really struggling to cope even though I know he is the same adorable little boy he was before the word autism was brought in. I hoping some of you other parents out there can shed some light on if these feeling will pass or will I just learn to deal with them. Thankyou in advance for taking the time to reply xxx

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    I have aspergers and I never spoke until I was four. I now speak perfectly. There is an expectation that children should do this and that by a certain age. Children develop differently but they can catch up. I could not read at 7 yet I passed 10 GCSEs at A -C. Just love him and he will come into his own.

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