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    Hello all,
    My name is Natasha and my son and partner have both got autism. Our little boy has got a couple of rare syndromes too. My son Alfie is 3 years old today and he got diagnosed in March. My partner is 28 and he got diagnosed in April.
    Within a space of 5 days they were both diagnosed which was quite overwhelming and took a while to sink in.
    I hope I can make some friends and have some advice and tips given when needed.


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    Hello my lovely, I joined for the same reasons. It can be a very lonely place. My husband has it as well!! Join me on the exhaustion train lol xx

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    Hello all,

    Same here. My son got diagnosed last year and its good to know there are other people like us. I’ve joined this and other forums to exchange tips and ideas with other people in a similar situation to us. I hope things will get better and easier in time.

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    Hello all,
    It is nice to meet you all.
    At times (which is most of the time) I feel so lonely.
    Ruthie it is very exhausting all the time.
    Andy, may I ask what other forums you have joined. I would like to get as many tips and info as possible.
    There are times just lately where I feel like breaking down. My family aren’t that supportive so I can’t really talk to them.

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    Edward Myers

    Nice post.

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