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    Hi everyone,My name is Ideh, I am a Counselling Psychologist in Training.As part of my Doctoral study I am looking to talk to people with autism about their experience of using online dating sites and the experience of meeting people from the internet. I am hoping that my research will help to support other people with autism that want to consider online dating.If you are over 18 years of age and have used any online dating sites and would be interested in telling me about this experience for my research please email me on have information sheets that explain how you will be involved for you to decide if this might be something you would want to get involved with, and you can change your mind at any time if you decide you do not want to talk to me about it. There is no pressure. Thank you for reading this!Ideh

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    I have 3 people I know who have Asperger’s and have tried off and on for 15+ years to help them date. I really thought online dating when it gained mainstream was the answer but I was wrong and just for the reason’s this article points out. The unwritten rules of socializing just goes over their heads even when it’s just texting or emailing back and forth.One example where a girl was interested with my one coworker online, which then fell apart and he let me go over their responses. She asked if he would like to go out for Italian – He responded “No, I don’t like Italian”. Think she was confused by that reply, but replied a few days later if he would like to meet for coffee which he replied “No, I don’t like coffee”.That was his only response back and she was gone after that. I tried to explain that he can suggest something else or go out to a Italian restaurant or out for coffee and not actually be eating or drinking those things. Which he just kept replying I don’t like Italian food or coffee. Honestly, it can be a very frustrating experience with this "all or nothing" which then drives me and others away and they get even more socially isolated.

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