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    Hi, I am currently studying psychology at degree level and am conducting research about autism. I have chosen this topic because I am very passionate about and have a personal connection to this syndrome. I have a younger brother diagnosed severe on the autistic spectrum and a younger sister diagnosed as mildly affected. Currently I am investigating the effects of fetal testosterone exposure, in utero, in the explanation for the direct cause of Autism. There is a vast amount of very influential research being conducted with this explanation and the findings are astounding. A method of indirectly (without any invasive procedures) testing this is by measuring the length of your digits. I would like to contribute to this explanation as I feel it is very important to develop a causal diagnosis for Autistic Spectrum Disorder as opposed to a symptomatic one. I would really appreciate if anyone with an immediate family member with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (including Aspergers syndrome) would like to participate in this research. Participants are required to have a an autistic immediate family member but not have a diagnosis of autism themselves. Participation requires a scanned images of the left and right hands palms down with your fingers spread apart and the filling out of a 15 minute questionnaire.The results of this study along with links to previous articles and books surrounding this explanation will also be made available after participation.If anyone fits the criteria and would like to participate please contact me how you fit the criteria and the appropriate resources will be sent to you with an identification number.Thank you very much for your consideration, Judith Kusi.

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