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    Patient: Doctor help me please, every time I drink a cup of coffee I get this intense stinging in my eye. Doctor: I suggest you remove the spoon before drinking. 🙂 🙂

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    A woman called our airline 
customer-service desk asking if she could take her dog on board.“Sure,” I said, “as long as you provide your own kennel.” I further explained that the kennel needed to be large enough for the dog to stand up, sit down, turn around, and roll over.The customer was flummoxed: 
“I’ll never be able to teach him all of that by tomorrow!”

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    So funny Here is one:Doctor: Hello, did you come to see me with an eye problem?Patient: Wow, yes, how can you tell?Doctor: Because you came in through the window instead of the door.

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    This one is also a hilarious.[img][/img]

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