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    Note: SFTAH transferred this from old data base when site was updated, thus date and name lost, all dates 2006 & 2007 changed during changeover to odd dates.hi, this might sound silly but people do think im mad in thinking my son might have asd... hes only 2 which i know is young and i have been told that a diagnosis may not be made till hes older, but to me hes showing the symptoms and as a mother u do tend to know i think if something isnt right.. hes being assessed next month at a child development center but the amount of people who say hes just shy and i shouldn't listen to people who only asses him for a few days a month is unbelievable and to have so many people think im wrong in having him assessed is making me feel that maybe im not doing the right thing. i only want my son assessed in case he is as i would not like him to go to school and for people to say he needs assessing and ive ignored this, on top of that after reading some of the messages on here regarding other peoples children who are in the same situation its like they are talking about my son. does this make sense to anyone? any help out there, should i have him assessed or not?



    An assessment would be of great value to him, should he be confirmed as having ASD. Follow your natural instinct. A mother knows best.



    I agree this is a link to pdd questionaire it is nt a diagnosis but it does give an idea of difficulties.

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