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    Note: SFTAH transferred this from old data base when site was updated, thus date and name lost, all dates 2006 & 2007 changed during changeover to odd dates.Hi,in response to Rach04's comment in the New Member's section I just wanted to ask whether your child has a Statement.If so, in light of the new ASD diagnosis, I would ask for the Statement to be reviewed to ensure that autism is added to it.I work with families in Northamptonshire who have a child with ASD. If the families we work with are unhappy about the education their children are receiving we encourage them to look closely at the wording on the statement.It needs to talk about things like 'autism specific interventions' (outlining what they are) and support staff 'trained in autism' etc.Then schools can't get away with not providing specific and appropriate support for your child and if they do you have a document / ammunition to wave if you need to make your point understood.don't know if that's any help.Jayne

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    no he doesnt have a statement yet much to my disgust have been waiting for this diagnosis in writing then i am doing it my self

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    Stick with it Rach04. Its taken me a while of ringing and ringing and ringing till they get things done. Its taken me nearly 18months,but im nearly there now.

    Good luck

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    I work in a respite centre for autistc children and young people. The amount of children and young people we get that have not had statements is unbelievable. We have children who we know display autistic traits, but specialists do not like to make a diagnosis nowdays for fear of the child being stigmatised.I feel that these specialists( or so called)are not doing parents/ carers and children any good by steering away from diagnosis. How can you get a statement for children by doing that. It is called autistic spectrum disorder so each child and young person have different needs as some are more severe than others.

    liz fowkes

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    my main aim really is not to allow him to be sent to a mainstream senior school he wont cope with the size and amount of pupils and although i no he can go to a ‘special school’ without one. i no the school he is at cant cope with the amount ep and ot are putting on them and he is falling further and further behind and the school wont admit defeat what really gets me is the senco is a senco deputy head and a full time class teacher how does he have time to properly do his senco!!!!

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