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    Hi new here and just want to share my experience about sensory lights. Research has been done between lighting and autism, it has brought to the public’s attention numerous positive associations between color and mood. Certain colors, such as blue, can help towards creativity and calmness, with mood lighting adding to a happy, creative environment. Children’s moods are strongly affected by lighting: for some it provides a calming, soothing effect and for others it acts as a stimulant.  Harsh lighting can often hurt the eyes of a person with autism. Flickering, humming lights can be very distracting and sometimes painful. It’s often advised to use adjustable lighting in order to create a calming effect. Certain light levels and colors can be beneficial and the ability to control visual stimuli within the space is important. Creating a sensory room can aid to stimulate, develop and balance a person’s sensory system. There are too many available lighting products in the internet and some I find very interesting and helpful with those of ASD/Asperger. I know a discount code when you purchase  at this site let me know if you want it. <3

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