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    Hello. My name is Rafia Haque and I am a final year undergraduate Psychology student at Swansea University. We are conducting a study to increase our understanding of factors of diet and well-being in individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  As this support group is for individuals with an ASD, we believe that members of this group are in an ideal position to give us valuable first-hand information from their perspective.The research has been ethically approved by the Swansea University Ethics department. The study will take approximately 30-40 minutes and requires participants to complete a series of online questionnaires about their ASD, diet and well-being. Participants are not required to disclose their name and all information acquired will be kept strictly confidential. Each participant will be given a number code when collecting and analysing the findings. Your participation in our research will be very much appreciated and could lead to greater public awareness of these issues in individuals with an ASD.The link to my questionnaire can be found here Many thanks in advance.

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