think i have autisum

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    Hi 26yr male from uk im starting to think i may have autisum ive spent the last 8 years in pretty much complete isolation liveing at home with my mum an dad my life is pretty much controled by my obessive intrests which i hear is pretty common in people with autisum. I play lots of video games an do alot of work with video editing software most of time its not so bad but every so often il get really obessed with something an spend days sometimes weeks being completey consumed with it sometimes forgeting to eat sleep or anything else id do in a normal day. i find it almost impossible to start up conversations with people i dont know if i was to count how many times i had done it in my life i could probley use my fingers. i find 90 percent of the time my brain is just racing an i find it hard to concentrate on anything ive not been diagnoised an what i wanted to ask is if any of you who are adults an have found out you have autisum how much can actully be done about it at this age is there any point.  p.s i obssesively watch the same programs over an over an over an over lol anyone know if this has anything to do with autisum.

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    Hi Lee, I dont think people here can tell you if you do, or do not have any kind of Autistic tendancies going on going by the little you said above. I'd also say that things like ADHD/ADD can be similar, and the whole obsessing thing can also be included in this too. You could always try to see a GP and ask for them to refer you to someone to get checked out. If you feel you cannot tell someone face to face then maybe you could write things down in a letter or do a diary over a few weeks of the things that lead you to believe you could have Autism or something within the same spectrum. You could then give this to your GP to read if yuo feel you cannot talk about it to him/her.

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    .At the moment my family is under alot of stress with my sister being sick and dont want to burden them with my new found worries..I know self diagnos is not a answer but could you guys plz tell me what you think…ty all and god bless you

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