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    Hallo everyone,For those of you familiar with Relationship Development Intervention, you may be pleased to hear that this year there are more professionals than ever training as RDI consultants in the UK, as training has come to London for the first time.I am one of them, now based in the North West, and am looking for families to train with.For those of you less familiar with RDI, you would probably do well to learn a little about it.RDI is a family based interraction style that aims to offer again to children with ASDs the developmental lessons that neurotypical children pick up on up first time round.It is a research-based method which grows with current academic findings and succeeds in making not only a difference in the quality of life for children with ASDs but just as importantly does the same for the parents and families of these children.I could happily talk about it all evening. So please be in touch if you would like to learn more, or enquire about taking on a trainee consultant.ThanksJonathan

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    Hello Jonathan,I'm a mother to 4 year old twins, boy and a girl, both with autism.I've read couple of books by Steven Gutstein and I truly believe That RDI makes sense and I'm  desperately looking to find someoneWho could help me to implement this program at home. Please, if you could help me I would really appreciate it. I'm a very dedicated mother and I can assure you the person that Would work with my family would not be disappointed. If you can give me any information about someone who would beInterested, please do. Maybe even yourself?We live in Kingston that's South West London.My direct email is phone: 07737780237M K Duszyk Wainwright

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