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    Hello Everyone,I recently started working with KenCrest Services, a non-profit human services agency here in the US that helps people with developmental disabilities.KenCrest recently introduced a series of videos to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Designed for use with Apple’s ipod or iTouch, “Mi-Stories” are portable tutorials that help those affected by ASDs interact with the world around them.  These tutorials cover activities like crossing the street, going to a restaurant and others.I don't know whether these video tutorials would interest you; this project generated research that found on-demand lessons like these have been helpful to many that have used them. If you’d like to learn more about KenCrest’s Mi-Stories, you can find information on KenCrest’s website:, check out the attached press release or contact me directly. Thanks,Bill

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    Hey there.Hey I don't suppose you could give me the whereabouts of some internet spammer calling himself Bill who (mindless of what an internet forum is set up for) decides to push his "product" on such forums, without the courtesy of reading or understanding (and far less appreciating) the culture of the forum?Your Kencrest place is obviously a poor support group to have such "salesmen" in its employ?Here is not the only place you have tried this tactic is it Bill?I know four of the top of my head. You start with a kindly introduction post then wait a couple of days and post the above. I am a member of one forum you tried this on with and the same formula used. The fact that it was populated with High Functioning Autistics and Neurotypical membership who all respectively talk about understanding and appreciating the difference in neurology did not stop you posting your link to your stupid support group which seems to concentrate NOT on high functioning members in need of understanding spouses who were NT (or visa versa) and understanding social nuances lost on us, BUT rather on what Carers need to do to deal with things such as crossing the road and toilet training and the like. It is about as rude and insulting as it gets. Expect a lot of bad press from your actions and a very condemning email to the organisation you seek to "represent".Hope you reap the benefits of your actions Bill and your inconsideration.Have a nice life.  🙂

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