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    my son has problems with unfamilar enviroments and making friends.He was to do a work placement at the local department store,I thought to my self will his problems come to the fore,has in other areas we have seen big improvements.But he seemed ok about going so I thought it was me being a worry wart.However half way through first day it failed,he was told to go home for looking to miserable.He should have been there for a fortnight.He says it was boring mum and I got very depressed something he says he feels when he cant cope,told mny fella workers I was feeling bored and thing the manger came and told me not smiling was unproffesional and to go home and not return.He is devestated that he has failed,he lost  a part time job,because they said he was slow and didnt seem to understand what he was told.He is now worried this will become a pattern for his whole working life.I am worried that school who dont always appreciate his autism wont be sythpathetic or helpful but just add to his present feeling of self worth.any suggestions welcome

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    First of all it's not your son who has failed, its the management of the shop that failed for not wanting to know or understand anything about autism. I dont know how your sons communication is, but try sitting down and perhaps talking about what he enjoys. I am sure he should have help with starting work, have you tried the national autistic society website, they may be able to point you in the right direction. Hope everything turns out well.regardsparent of 5 year old autistic boy

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