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    Note: SFTAH transferred this from old data base when site was updated, thus date and name lost, all dates 2006 & 2007 changed during changeover to odd dates.My son 9 yrs old was diagnosed autistic back in 2001.He was having almost all the symptoms of autism like,Fidgeting,no speech not even Papa,Restlessness,not responding to even his name,Echolelia,No Eye contact etc..etc.We kept him on GFCF diet for few days and the restlessness gone he became very calm and quite managable.Than after some time we administered Super Nu Thera (Vit B-12 Supplemnt)and ??? he started speaking.We stopped both therapies within few days.We than sent him to a near by nursery school,where with some learning also we received lot of complaints but we persist and with our efforts ( with out having much knowledge on how to handle an autistic child)the boy gradualy did well and now he is in standard fourth.The problem now we are facing are:1.The boy lacks Focus,Attention,Can not sit quitely moving his legs always.2.Has some speech problem ( Can not speak a sentance at one go,stops in between)3.Seems to have some processing problem.We are going to start again with Super Nu Thera and DMG.We do not know whether or not it will work now.Is there any other supplements we can give a try? do we need to do some tests ?Please,please sir,guide us to cope with the problem.Bibekananda Hota.Qtr No.D-50,Hindalco ColonyHirakud,Sambalpur 768 016Orissa,INDIA0663-320834509861377854.Bhota

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    why are you doing all these therapis,they will not work if a child only has ASD.please look here for ways of interacting without all the voodoo.

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